My name is Julie Beaulieu Peterson. Third culture kid: born in Chicago, IL; raised in Paris, France; currently living in Thailand and teaching English. There is beauty in not knowing where I will go next…

Curren contact information (this tends to change a lot):

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @TherealPBandJ
  • Thai phone: +668 49 42 90 91
  • Address:
    Teacher Julie B Peterson
    Chamnansamakkiwittaya School
    108 M. 8, Klongpoon, Klaeng
    Rayong 21170
  • Check out:

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  1. Hey, Julie … when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in quite-rural Thailand (Pathiu, Chomphon; quite near to Rayong) I received mail from the US with great regularity and speed: letters, packages, etc. So, I hope this sorts itself out for you. Choke dee, na ka! Leslie (who shares your birthday)!

    • Julie, this blog, which you were so hesitant to do, has brought so much joy I cannot begin to tell you. Thank you for posting such wonderful readings about your adventures. Bruce and I are living it all through your vivid and wonderful descriptions. Enjoy, dear Julie.

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