A love story…


No…this love story is sadly not about me.

The other day I was talking to my coordinator about who knows what. We always talk to her about the most random stuff because she is the most adorable human being ever. Her husband also works at our school and she mentioned how they met here.  She never elaborated on this, and since I’m a sucker for love stories (who isn’t!) I asked her what the background was. Here is what she said (some paraphrasing):

“We met 22 years ago when we were both starting to work here. I was actually applying to leave to go back to my hometown of Chiang Mai. He had just been accepted to work at the school from Chiang Mai….Oh at first I did not like him! He was very handsome but he was such a flirt! He wrote me little notes every day….every day! Little small notes! He gave them to the students who brought them to me. I did not answer them though! Some of them said ‘Have you had breakfast already?,’ ‘You look beautiful today’ or things like that. Finally I started answering them and realized he was very nice, and not just handsome. And now we are married!”

Clearly sending small love notes is the old school version (pun intended) of text messages. I would much rather receive the former.


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  1. Hi Julie, Love really is a many-splendored thing, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing with all of us back here in the winter wonderland. Perhaps your coordinator or her husband had Mr.. or Mrs. Kingshill as teachers in Chiang-Mai? If so, I’ll send you a little small world story by rmail. LOVE, Aunt Pris

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