Koh Chang

Sunset captured on my iPhone

Sunset captured on my iPhone

Last weekend we had a three day weekend. This has been the first since I have arrived. 3 other girls and I decided to go to Koh Chang, which is an island near the Cambodian border. “Koh” means “island” and “Chang” means “elephant”….so island of elephants. Side note: there are no native elephants on the island; it is called that due to its shape, which supposedly resembles the massive mammal. We met up with some fellow teachers who work at another school, and it ended up being a great, and relaxing, weekend.

Delicious coconut water

Delicious coconut water

The beach where we were staying faced the greatest sunsets. My friend Kevin and I got massages on the beach one evening and as we were leaving we noticed the sun was just setting. Naturally it was a great photo-op. (Photo credit goes to him)


high fiving to a great weekend

high fiving to a great weekend

It was also possible to look up into the sky at night and see the constellations perfectly. I haven’t been able to do this since being here due to the pollution in the towns and cities. The moon also perfectly resembled the Cheshire cat’s smile.

We had heard rumors of a good Mexican restaurant near us so we decided to check it out. Turns out its owned by a husband and wife who are French and Mexican respectively. Talk about a whole mix of cultures blending together. We ended up eating dinner there 2 nights in a row because of the food, but also because of the good atmosphere. If anyone ever ventures to Koh Chang I highly recommend eating there (Barrio Bonito).

After returning from Koh Chang I realized how much trust we put into the Thai people to get us there and back. To get there we took a van then a song taew, a ferry, and then another song taew. All of us barely speak any Thai which means a lot gets lost in translation. Somehow we managed to get there and back without any problems: such as getting lost…or kidnapped (don’t worry Mom and Dad!) Thinking about this made me realize just how helpful and caring Thai people are. I would definitely not rely on anyone in the States to help us out like they did for this trip. What makes me smile more is that this is normal here: unwarranted help happens every day.


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